About Us

The Masiello Family hails from Southern Italy, near the famous city of Naples, and was adopted for 24 years by the beautiful Northern Italian city of Trieste. Eventually, they arrived in the USA, carrying with them their love for good food. The Masiello family is composed of six members: the devoted mom Maria, the hard-working dad Antonio and their four children, Raffaele, Melina, Anastasia e Alessia, all of them with a special love for food and for “gnocchi” in particular. Their passion started with Antonio who created the food blog Tonino’s and continued with Melina on Instagram with “Pane, amore e..” and the youngest of the clan, Alessia.

The latter wants to share with the world her love for good food and a traditional, healthy lifestyle. She is passionate about the smell of Amalfi lemons, the exhilarating scent of red wine, and of course the taste and nuances of good pasta.

In 2016, Antonio founds in New York City, Masiello Food and Family Inc., an import and distribution company, whose mission is to select high-quality products originating in the Mediterranean diet and promote the Italian cuisine, in particular, the handmade “Gnocchi” a special Masiello Family recipe.

In our product catalog, all customers can find the right product for them personal diet: gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and other food intolerance.

Masiello Food and Family since June 2018, is also a food service consulting company. We are the first company specialized in Consulting Catering Service dedicated to Handmade Gnocchi traditional, Gluten-free and Vegan.

Follow the Masiello Food and Family on Instagram to find out more about our products, carefully selected and catered to the American people. Enjoy food, enjoy life!

We use only products of high quality, gluten-free, vegan, organic or not because for us it’s most important that the people are a good feeling while enjoying the food.

Contact us: info@masiellousa.com

Our Services


Masiello’s USA catalog is the result of a careful selection of high-quality Italian products suitable for every diet. For more information about our products: costumerservice@masiellousa.com

Consulting Service

Masiello Food and Family offers consulting services catering consulting services for startups (new ideas), for restyling (new menus) and food costs. We are the first company specializing in catering consulting services for gnocchi. To receive more information: info@masiellousa.com

Distributors & Buyer

Masiello Food and Family offers its customers the opportunity to create private label productions on all products in the catalog. For more information write an email to info@masiellousa.com